Pet Industry Insurance by Pet Professional

Business Insurance for the Pet Industry

Pet Professional Insurance provides a wide range of business insurances for professionals in the pet industry, no matter how large or small the business. We provide tailored packages, that work with your needs and cashflow. You can compare quotes, and get cover online in minutes – with no complicated forms and paperwork! This is your one-stop-shop to make sure the business you have worked hard to build and create, is financially protected.

Dog being clipped

Groomer – Mobile & Salon

It is vital that your dog grooming business has the right kind of public liability & professional indemnity cover in case you accidentally injure or lose an animal whilst it is in your care – or if something happens to a customer or member of the public.

Dog walker with dogs enjoying outdoors.

Dog Walker

Working with pets means both emotional and financial responsibility.  The right insurance can give you peace of mind, plus your clients will  know they have chosen the right professional for the job.

retail pet business

Retail & E-tail

Your pet business is an important asset that needs to be secured.  We provide insurance for your premises and contents , as well public liability cover. Let us help you tailor your cover to your needs.

Dog being trained

Trainer/ Behaviourist

Insurance is vital when dealing with potentially badly behaving, unpredictable and even aggressive animals as you are responsible for the safety of the animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care.

Cat laying on scratcher

Kennels & Catteries

Clients have very high expectations when they trust you to take care of their pets.  Insurance can help ensure that your care is never compromised, and your business is secure.

Cat with young woman

Sitters, Boarding & Day Carer

It’s a great responsibility to take care of other people’s pets.  You not only need to care for the pet, but are also responsible for pet behaviour in public – and you may also  be responsible for a client’s home and possessions.

Toy Yorkies ready for show

Dog & Cat Breeders

Dog and Cat breeders face a number of financial risks and having cover such as public liability is important to protect your business.  Our insurance can be tailored to suit your particular business needs.

Veterinary Practices

Financial protection against allegations of management misconduct or legislative breaches, plus professional indemnity, and business insurance to take care of material damage losses.