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What happens to my personal information?2021-07-02T09:22:41+10:00

Because our service is all out finding the best insurance for you BizCover do require some personal information to tailor the offers for you.  The information is safe and secure with BizCover and will be used only to provide quotes and implement policy documentation.  Your information will never be sold or traded.

Are my credit card details secure?2018-11-14T15:36:59+11:00

BizCover’s top notch security system utilised SSL and payments provider EziDebit.  These world class services mean your details will be secure from activation onwards.

Ezidebit is one of Australia’s largest non-bank electronic payment processors.  Ezidebit is Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and is a participating member of the PCI SEcurity.  Ezidebit is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (No 315388).  They are fully sponsored with Westpac and are audited by ASIC annually.  “Ezidebit – Bizcover” will appear as the merchant for all payments from your credit card.

Can I cancel my policy?2018-11-14T15:31:05+11:00

You can cancel your policy at any time.  But remember your policy is relevant at the time of the claim against you, not when the work was done.  Because we can’t predict when or if these claims will happen it’s a good idea to always have cover.

If you wish to cancel, please send this in writing by emailing cancel@bizcover.com.au.  Please include your policy number, the date you’d like the cancellation to take place, the reason for cancellation and your bank details for the EFT refund, if applicable.

When you submit your written cancellation notice the commission and fees paid to BizCover are not refunded to you.  The insurers will retain the proportion of the premium calculated pro rata as of the cancellation date as well as a percentage of that amount.  There may be other cancellation provisions, depending on the insurer.

How do I renew my policy?2018-11-14T15:25:53+11:00

To make life as easy as possible for our business customers (we know how busy they already are) we auto renew where possible to cut out unnecessary work.  With Auto Renewals we do all the work and renew the policy so that you can relax knowing that your business continues to be protected.

We will automatically renew your policy each year.  This means 21 days before your policy is due for renewal, we will send you a notice and if we don’t hear from you, and nothing has changed, your policy will be automatically renewed.

If you don’t qualify for auto renewal, then we will send you an email 31 days before renewal is due outlining the steps you need to take to renew your insurance.

Your notification will have the renewal amount and the last four digits of the credit card that will be used to take the payment. If those details are all correct, then there would be nothing for you to do.  Your card will be charged 3 business days before the expiry date of your policy.

If you need to make changes, just give us a call.

Which Insurance Companies are quoted?2018-11-14T15:16:31+11:00

When you get your quote through Pet Professional, you will save a lot of time(and money) by being offered quotes from a wide range of leading business insurance providers.  Currently those insurers are:

  • AIG, a member company of American International Group, Inc
  • Allianz Australia Limited
  • Hollard (RelyOn Insurance)
  • QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
  • Point Insurance
  • DUAL International (offering policies on behalf of Lloyd of London)
  • Vero Insurance Limited (VERO) a member of the Suncorp Group of Companies
  • W.R.Berkeley (Australia) Limited
Can I increase or reduce my policy limits?2018-11-14T15:11:26+11:00

It’s your call!  You can make amendments during the policy period.  Just give us a call!

What are the payment options?2018-11-14T15:09:47+11:00