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short coated brown dog

Are my clients’ dogs anxious, and what can I do to help?

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For interesting articles and information about pets and the pet industry for pet owners, and pet businesses.  Pet Professional Insurance provides quality, cost effective business insurance solutions for Pet Professionals.

short coated brown dog
curly-haired dog lying on bed

How to tell if a dog is in pain

Recognising when a dog is in pain is an important part of being a responsible pet professional. Here are the cues to look out...

yorkshire terrier wrapped in towel, pet grooming insurance

Pet grooming insurance — is it worth it?

Do pet groomers really need pet grooming insurance? To help you find the answer here are a few considerations....

dog in cafe, pet-friendly cities

Why we should advocate for pet-friendly cities

Discover the benefits of pet-friendly cities and learn which Australian cities are the most welcoming of our four-legged pals...

pet sitter looking after cat, pet sitting insurance

Do I need pet sitting insurance?

As a pet sitter, taking out pet sitting insurance is a great step towards safeguarding your business…...

large dog in caged enclosure, pet adoption, animal rescue

6 fundraising ideas for pet adoption centres and shelters

Without the necessary funds, many pet adoption centres and animal shelters wouldn’t survive. Here are 6 ways you can help s...

happy dog lying on ground, pet community

How to create a pet community for your customers (and why!)

Whether it’s tangible or virtual, building a pet community can be a great way to help grow your pet business and set yourse...

ill dog with vet, pet insurance

Pet insurance: how to educate your clients

Knowing the facts is an essential part of making a decision about pet health insurance...

two grey poodles, pet cloning

The crazy business of pet cloning

When it comes to educating the public about pet cloning and the many issues, pet professionals play an important role....