Do you need Business Insurance?

Running a business can be hard work – but also rewarding.  It can give us to follow our passion and let us do things in the way that suits us best.  But it also entails risk – and to protect what you work so hard to build having the right insurance in place is simply good business practice and an essential part of being a responsible business owner.  It can give you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to weather the storm of unexpected events that could impact your business, and could mean your business survives where others don’t.

Consider the risks of your particular business

When things are running smoothly we often dont take the time to consider what risks our business could be exposed to, and what the consequences could be.  Things to consider would be:

  • You or your staff make an error or were negligent in providing a professional service, or you provided misleading or incomplete advice?
  • A customer, supplier or member of the public gets injured due to your business activities
  • Your premises suffer a fire or natural disaster
  • Your contents and stock is stolen

Once you understand your potential risks, you can then choose the type of insurance that works best for you and suits your circumstances.

We can help you get the right cover sorted, and at the right price – guaranteed!

Pet Professional Insurance offer a wide range of business plus personal insurance plans for all businesses in the pet industry, and we can help you compare business insurance quotes from major insurers so you can choose what’s best for you.  And remember, with the BizCover Price Promise Guarantee you will get your cover at the best price too.

Once you know what cover would suit you best, your BizCover representative can take your application over the phone.  You don’t have to fuss around with forms, and you can be covered right away!