All small businesses face risks. These will vary depending on their industry and occupation. When thinking about the potential risks you face, it may help to answer a few questions about your business activities:

  • Do customers or members of the public visit you at your work premises? Do you visit customers at their work premises or in their homes?
  • If yes, you may want to consider Public Liability insurance*.
  • Do you provide professional advice to customers or represent their interests on their behalf? Do you design items or structures for your customers and/or build these for your customers?
    If yes, you may want to consider Professional Indemnity insurance*.
  • Do you store customer data online or through cloud services? Does your business rely on the internet or computer services to function?
    If yes, you may want to consider Cyber Liability insurance*.

These questions cover just a few of the risks that many small businesses commonly face. We can help your clients find these and other forms of insurance to protect their business.

*As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained in this article is general only. 

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Liz Walden

Liz has a passion for all things animal - whether it's cats, dogs, rabbit or horses! Liz was one of the first in Australia to bring Pet Insurance to the market. She has headed up Petsecure Pet Insurance for the past 12 years, and Pet Professional Insurance since 2018. Liz is committed to promoting and supporting the amazing work done by rescue groups around Australia, supporting those who work in the pet industry, as well as those who work to promote a better life for all animals.