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For interesting articles and information about pets and the pet industry for pet owners, and pet businesses.  Pet Professional Insurance provides quality, cost effective business insurance solutions for Pet Professionals.

French bulldog and labrador

Having the conversation: pet cancer

Educating owners on the treatments and aims of palliative care is an essential part of pet cancer management...

old dog

Caring for a dog with diabetes

Pet sitting a dog with diabetes requires extra care and attention, particularly with insulin therapy, nutrition and monitorin...

happy white dog, Urinary tract infections in pets

Urinary tract infections in pets

Signs of urinary tract infections in pets include trying to urinate more frequently, straining to urinate, showing signs of p...

veterinary practice, ethically challenging situations, vets

Vets face an increase in ethically challenging situations

New study shows COVID-19 has led to an increase in the frequency of ethically challenging situations faced by vets...

Cute brown-hair dog on bed, dog health

6 common dog health problems

What dog health problems do you commonly get asked about? ...

dog in create, emergency action plan

Do you have an emergency action plan?

Having an emergency action plan can help safeguard your business, your staff, and your clients' animals....

symptoms of Ehrlichiosis

Preventing the spread of ehrlichiosis (tick-borne disease)

Since its detection in May 2020, ehrlichiosis is the most significant disease to impact dogs in Australia in the past 30 year...

veterinary surgery, dog with a broken bone

Caring for a dog with a broken bone

Help your furry client on the road to recovery after suffering a broken bone...

thunderstorm, pet storm preparedness

Pet storm preparedness

Pet storm preparedness is essential for keeping our furry friends safe during an attack of bad weather...