Finding cattery insurance that’s right for you and the way in which your business operates is paramount for all cattery owners. Not only do you need to consider what might happen if there was a fire or burglary, but also what would happen if a cat in your care was injured or lost.

Indeed, every single day your cattery faces unknown and unforeseen risks. It’s not just your premises, tools and equipment that are at risk, but also pet owners’ beloved feline friends.

Cattery insurance: why it’s vital

We all know things go wrong, even when it’s not our fault. We also know accidents happen; usually when it is least expected! So, it pays to be prepared.

Here are a few cases that show the importance of having cattery insurance. Certainly, these are the things you don’t want happening to you and your cattery business.

Cat goes home with wrong owners

A couple of years ago a cattery in Dorset, South England, UK, gave Bruce the cat to the wrong owners. Apparently, Bruce the tabby cat looks almost identical to another kitty named Oscar.

His new owners put Bruce, who is used to living indoors, outside. Following this, Bruce disappears. Perhaps he is still trying to find his way home to his real owners.

In a statement that appears in multiple media outlets, the cattery owner Dawn Pennock says, “It’s a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity, to the point where even the customer who collected Bruce didn’t notice any differences in markings, behaviour or personality from their own cat, Oscar.”

What a cat-astrophe! This is the type of incident that could see the cattery liable for the owner’s loss. In this case, lets’ hope the cattery has liability insurance.

Frolicsome feline ends up in trouble

A cattery in China has landed in a heap of trouble after failing to secure its meowing guests. The cats were allowed to roam free after employees went home. However, trouble strikes when an unneutered Russian Blue decides to get friendly with the female felines in the cattery.

Not only does the romantic Russian Blue suffer from exhaustion and end up on a glucose drip, but also five of the female cats fall pregnant. Eek! How do you explain this to the owners?

In the end, the cattery pays for the Russian Blue’s vet bill and also pays compensation to the owners whose purring pals are pregnant.

Cattery gutted by fire

A cattery in the Adelaide Hills was completely destroyed by a fire. Sadly, several cats and dogs were killed when the fire hit. The owners of the cattery are devastated by the fact that animals in their care died in the fire, and also they lost their business. Despite not being at fault, they face much anger and criticism from local pet owners.

Just imagine how you would feel in this circumstance. Having cattery insurance (such as public liability and business insurance) in place won’t take away the emotional pain, but it may help ease the financial burden in such a case.

Cattery insurance: what to consider

No one wants their business to fail, so it pays to be proactive. Cattery owners might consider public liability insurance, professional indemnity and even business insurance. Certainly, having these protections in place can provide peace of mind.

Public liability insurance keeps your business protected against claims relating to any breach of your basic “duty of care” as a business owner. Public liability insurance protects you and your business against the financial risk of being liable for causing injury, damage, loss or death to a third party. For example, what happens if a cat in your care escapes and injures another person, damages someone’s property or causes an accident? Public liability insurance will also cover legal and defence costs.

Professional indemnity insurance can provide peace of mind for cattery owners, by safeguarding your business against potential court costs and compensation claims for professional services. Professional indemnity insurance can protect your cattery against financial losses for any legal action taken against you for services or advice you provide. For example, if a cat is hurt or lost while in your care and the owner takes you to court, you’ll be glad you have professional indemnity insurance.

In the case of fire, theft or flooding, business insurance may cover the costs of replacing equipment or setting up new premises. Aside from material damage, this insurance may also cover the loss of earnings due to interruptions to your business.

Have you ever had to make an insurance claim?

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