February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day—an initiative that encourages pet owners to give their four-legged friends the added care and attention they deserve.

For pet industry professionals it’s an ideal time to promote your products or services and talk to clients about the many ways in which they can love and care for their pet.

Given that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world (a whopping 62% of households own a pet!)*, February 20th could be quite the day of celebrations.

According to Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) Pet Ownership in Australia 2016 report, approximately two in five households have a dog (38%), almost three in 10 households have a cat (29%), and a similar proportion of houses (one in 10) keep fish and birds (12%), while just 3% of households reported keeping small mammals and reptiles as pets.

10 ways your clients can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

No matter what type of pet your clients own, there are numerous ways to show their animal pal how much they mean to them.  Here are some ideas you can share with clients:

  • Tasty Treats

Going the extra mile to give pets a delicious dinner or snack demonstrates just how much they are loved. Suggest making a batch of healthy homemade dog biscuits, baking a cake for their cat or picking up some mealworms for their chickens.

  • Pet gifts

National Love You Pet Day is the best justification pet owners need to buy a new leash for their dog or a toy for their kitty. Pet stores and online pet brands can certainly use National Love Your Pet Day as a sales opportunity.  Or how about suggesting adding a bit of bling – your clients can get a Pet ID Tag encrusted with Swarovski Crystals  – AND with a 20% discount!  Just tell your clients to enter promo code INTRO20 when they go to the check out!

  • Grooming

If you’re a mobile pet groomer or own a doggy day spa encourage clients to book an appointment for their four-legged friend. A trim and a tidy-up will have their pet looking suitably stylish for this special day.

  • Extra TLC

It’s too easy to neglect our pets, but not on National Love Your Pet Day! Remind your clients to set aside ample time to play games with their cat, give kisses to their dog or cuddle their bunny.

  • Pet protection

Remind clients of the importance of pet insurance. If you know this is something on their ‘To Do’ list that they haven’t yet gotten around to, suggest they make the time. Purchasing pet insurance gives animals the health protection they deserve, while offering your clients peace of mind.

  • Visit the local animal shelter

Not all pet lovers are blessed with owning an animal. If you know someone that adores pets, but for whatever reason can’t have their own, suggest they visit the local animal shelter and share the love with a rescue animal.

  • Pet day trip

Why not suggest your clients honour this national, albeit unofficial, day by taking their prized pet on an outing. They might go to the beach for the day, take a drive to the country, or go sightseeing in the city—just remind them to take with them the essentials for a fun and safe day out.

  • Coffee at a cat café

Cat Cafes have been popping up all over Australia during the last few years. Ask your clients if they’ve visited one and if not, this could be the puurfect excuse to find a local one to grab a coffee and cuddle a cat.

  • Share the love

If you’re on social media, encourage your followers to show how much they love their pet by posting a special pic of them and their fur friend. Use the hashtag #NationalLoveYourPetDay to connect with other pet professionals and ardent pet owners.

  • Enjoy a walk together

Who doesn’t love the look on their dog’s face when you call “walkies”? A delightful mix of excitement and anticipation at the prospect of running along the beach, jumping over waves, chasing fellow furries and spending time with their owner.

You can suggest clients take their dog for a longer than usual walk or take a different route. Of course cat owners needn’t miss out, as our feline friends can enjoy a leashed walk too!

National Love Your Pet Day is a great excuse for pet owners to really spoil their pets and an opportunity for pet industry professionals to promote their products and services.

However, it’s also a chance to remind clients of the importance of showing their furry, scaly or feathered friend just how much they love and appreciate them every day!

*Animal Medicines Australia, Pet Ownership in Australia 2016 report. Accessed via: http://animalmedicinesaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/AMA_Pet-Ownership-in-Australia-2016-Report_sml.pdf
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