Guess what? March is Pet Adoption Month and there’s plenty you and your clients can do to support this excellent initiative.

Indeed, over the past six years, PETstock Assist has rehomed more than 12,000 pets. It has also provided much-needed education to help change Aussie’s perceptions of pet adoption.

As pet professionals, you can help support this work by continuing to educate customers, clients, friends, and family and the benefits of pet adoption.

3 benefits of pet adoption

Without a doubt, any time is a good time to chat about the benefits of pet adoption. However, given that March is Pet Adoption Month, there is no better excuse to have the conversation. Here are just some of the many benefits of adopting, rather than shopping for, a pet.

1. It breaks the cycle of pet homelessness

There are hundreds of wonderful animals just waiting for a chance to find their forever home and to be loved. By keeping an open mind and consider pet adoption, wannabe pet parents just might find their perfect match.

2. Find the perfect match

One of the really great things about adopting a pet is that potential pet parents can find the perfect match. Rescue shelters and organisations take the time to discover each animal’s unique personality. By doing this, they help wannabe pet owners find the pet that suits them and their situation best.

3. Teaching responsibility

For families with young children who choose to adopt a pet, they are not only gaining an animal but also learning a valuable lesson. Particularly when there are children involved, adopting a pet teaches younger pet owners of the importance of caring for animals and what a big responsibility this is.

PETstock Assist has long advocated the importance of adopting rather than shopping for a pet. However, this National Pet Adoption Month, PETstock Assist is reminding animal lovers that adoption is not the only way to change the lives of pets in need.

The charity highlights and reminds people that animals that are surrendered to rescue groups through no fault of their own can really benefit from a temporary home until they find a new permanent home.

What to consider before pet adoption

If you have a client or you know of someone who is considering adopting a pet make sure they fully understand what they are taking on. It’s not about scaring someone into not getting a pet, but more about ensuring they know their responsibilities and are fully prepared.

Here are five questions any wannabe pet owner should consider.

  • How active is my lifestyle?
  • How much time will I have to spend with my pet?
  • Can I afford food, training, vet care and supplies?
  • Is my home suitable for a pet?
  • Have I considered the traits of different breeds and how they fit into my lifestyle or situation?

Why it makes sense to foster an animal

To help support the aims of Pet Adoption Moth, why not use it as an excuse to discuss with clients and friends the myriad benefits that come from fostering an animal.

PETstock Assists Charity and Events Lead Jessica Curtis, explains, “Providing animals with temporary care through fostering is crucial to both the animal’s transition and development, as well as providing much-needed relief to rescue groups.

“When an animal is placed in foster care, it increases the capacity for rescue groups and shelters to care for another animal in need, meaning more lives can be saved.

“Additionally, caring for animals in a home environment offers them a low-stress and enriching space where they can develop their social skills, practice training and prepare for their transition into a new home.

“By providing training, love and companionship, foster carers really can transform a rescue animal’s life, while enriching their own. Fostering is incredibly rewarding and social! Foster carers become part of a community of like-minded, animal-loving volunteers all committed to making a real difference. It’s a great way to meet new people, exchange advice and feel a part of something bigger – helping to break the cycle of pet homelessness in Australia.”

Ms Curtis adds, “Anyone with time and love to give can become a foster carer.” She says even for people who are not ready to commit to permanent pet ownership, or those that already have a pet—they are sure to find a fostering match.

What action will you be taking to help educate animal lovers this Pet Adoption Month?

Image courtesy of PETstock Assist: Giaan Rooney, National Pet Adoption Month ambassador.

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