It might seem like only yesterday you were advising your clients and customers about summer pet safety. However, the chilly season is fast approaching so now’s the ideal time to talk winter pet care.

Sure, there are some states in Australia that enjoy a fairly mild winter. Nonetheless, it’s always good for pet owners to have a few tips up their sleeve in case the cold weather strikes unexpectedly.

Pet professionals are ideally placed to discuss winter pet care and advise on the actions pet parents can take to keep their four-legged friends safe and well.

5 winter pet care tips for clients

Certainly, some pet owners may think that because their cat or dog has a nice furry coat, it doesn’t feel cold. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a few changes to help keep our pets warm and comfortable in winter. There are also winter hazards to be mindful of.

So, be proactive and talk to your clients about how they can ensure the health of their fur babies this chilly season. Here are a few tips to share with your clients and customers.

1. Vet check

Remind your clients of the need to regularly check their pet’s health. Encouraging them to visit the vet at the start of winter can help ensure their pet’s health status and might help identify any potential health problems early on. This is particularly the case for senior pets or pets with pre-existing conditions.

2. Grooming guidance

It’s essential for pet owners to maintain a good grooming regimen all year round. However, in winter the fur can get wet and result in matted and knotted hair.

It’s important to regularly brush pets to prevent this, as matted hair can sometimes lead to skin irritation and discomfort. Plus, if your client intends to wash their pet more often during winter you can discuss the most appropriate products to use and which ingredients should be avoided.

Remind clients of the importance of drying pets’ coats in winter. Leaving pets with damp hair can result in skin problems.

3. Discussing diet

It can be tempting to overfeed pets during winter by offering additional treats. Yet if pets are spending less time outdoors and more time snuggling up in their beds, they will burn off fewer calories.

On the other hand, outdoor dogs may use up more calories in winter than in summer as they may move more to keep themselves warm. Clients whose dogs live outdoors should be reminded of this fact. If more food is required, advise owners to monitor their pet’s eating habits to avoid overfeeding them.

What’s more, owners may forget to regularly top up their pet’s water bowl in winter. You can remind them that, despite the chillier weather, it’s essential to keep their pet hydrated.

4. Exercise advice

Wet, chilly weather can lead many pet owners to skip their daily dog walk. Encourage pet parents to maintain an exercise regimen for their pet throughout winter. Plenty of exercise is important to help prevent pet obesity.

If the weather is really bad, why not offer up a few suggestions on how they can keep their furry friend active indoors. There are plenty of games that can be played in the home that provide pets with mental and physical stimulation.

5. Warmth and comfort

It’s worthwhile enquiring where your client’s pet sleeps. If they tend to sleep outdoors they might consider bringing their animal’s bed indoors or providing thicker bedding.

Similarly, if a pet sleeps indoors but in a colder or draughty area of the home, it may be necessary to move their bed to a warmer, more comfortable part of the house.

Senior animals and those with short hair or no hair may benefit from a coat in winter. Plus, remind owners that pets, particularly cats, may seek out warmth in hazardous places. Such as under the car or close to heaters and open fires.

Taking the time to talk with your clients about winter pet care can help avoid injuries and illnesses. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of reminding people that a few simple changes can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of their furry friend.

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