Starting a new pet grooming service or business? Wondering if pet grooming insurance is worth the money? No doubt, you’re not alone. Here are several factors to consider.

There’s no denying that starting a new business can be expensive. For pet groomers, there’s tools and equipment to buy, rental costs if you’ve opted for a bricks-and-mortar business, or perhaps the cost of a van if you’re taking your skills to the road.

Indeed, the thought of additional expenditure—by way of pet grooming insurance—might be just too much to think about right now. But wait, before you decide that insurance is a nice-to-have, rather than a necessity—consider the benefits pet grooming insurance brings.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook pet grooming insurance

1. Accidents happen

Maybe you’re already employed in the pet grooming industry and you’ve never had an accident. However, this isn’t a good reason to ditch the idea of taking out pet grooming insurance now.

We all know that accidents do happen—and usually when we least expect them. The best approach is to plan for the unexpected and this way you’re less likely to get caught out.

We’ve all heard a tale or two about a pet grooming mishap. Whether it’s a dog that’s been strangled by a grooming table leash, a clipper burn or a skin reaction to a new shampoo, errors and accidents happen. It pays to be protected against a liability claim.

2. An insurance policy demonstrates your professionalism

Competition can be rife in the world of pet grooming. What sets you apart from your competitors can be the difference between new clients or loss of business share.

Would a responsible pet owner prefer to use the services of a pet groomer with appropriate insurance or without? You decide, but as a pet owner myself, I know who I’d rather use to groom my fur baby.

3. Pets are risky business

Australia is a country of pet lovers. Many of us treat our pets like children; they are our fur babies, after all!

This means that if something happens to our furry friend, particularly if it’s someone else’s fault, we’re going to be extremely upset.

An accident involving a pet can quickly turn a loyal client into a legal nightmare. This is not something you want to deal with, so it pays to have policies, such as public liability insurance, in place to be prepared.

Having the right pet grooming insurance offers you protection against financial and legal liabilities. It may even prevent a very big headache!

4. It’s part of a good business plan

Pet groomers can often work out of multiple locations. For example, you might work out of a shop, but on occasion you may work from your clients’ homes.

Planning for every eventuality is part of a good overall business plan. Of course, to get the right legal and financial advice in the first instance, you need to highlight all the existing and potential services you offer and consider different scenarios. To get the best advice and protection for your business, you need to share all the right knowledge.

With rising legal costs, understanding the different ways in which your business operates and planning for all the risks goes hand in hand with business success.

Was pet grooming insurance a no-brainer for you? What factors prompted your decision?


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