Pet industry professionals are often a pet owners go-to for trusted advice and information resources. Ensure you’re a step ahead with these pet industry blogs.

The Australian pet industry is evolving. The number of pet owners is growing, animal adoption rates are rising, pets are now officially recognised as sentient beings and more people view their pet as a member of their family.

Indeed, there have been a great deal of changes over the last decade and as professionals in the industry it’s somewhat assumed that you know the latest pet industry trends.

Whether you feel a little out of touch or you simply love hearing what’s going on across all aspects of the Australian pet industry, here are 11 pet industry blogs and websites to keep you in the know.

1. Pets Australia

Offering support and information to pet industry businesses and professionals, Pets Australia lists jobs and events and also sheds light on some of the big issues affecting the industry. For example, ethical animal rehoming, animal abuse, pet scams to be aware of and the latest information on pet vaccines. Sign up for the free newsletter or simply bookmark the Pets Australia website.

2. Animal Defenders Office

Got a question about animal law? The Animal Defenders Office (ADO) is a community legal centre that specialises in animal law. Keep up to date on the myriad legal issues affecting the animal industry as well as local events you can participate in. Additionally, the ADO offers an array on interesting fact sheets on various topics relating to animal ethics, cruelty and neglect. All of which makes for truly interesting reading. Head over to the Animal Defenders Office website and click on the Fact Sheets link.

vet practice magazine

3. Vet Practice Magazine

This digital magazine offers a wealth of information across all facets of the pet industry. From the latest pet news and business topics to industry and clinical-based articles, it’s a worthy read. Aimed at veterinary professionals, it has plenty to offer anyone and everyone working in the pet industry. Sign up for the free weekly newsletter or jump on over to the Vet Practice Mag website.


As far as pet industry blogs go, this is a useful resource for the latest information on industry events and common issues affecting pets. Plus, the RSPCA website features a knowledgebase offering a range of fact sheets on popular animal welfare topics. Also, keep on top of the latest animal campaigns rolling out across Australia to protect our animals. You might even decide to take part! Head on over to the RSPCA website.

5. Animal Medicines Australia

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) is the peak industry body representing the pioneers of the animal health industry in Australia. With a strong focus on controlling and curing animal disease, AMA is a key source of news and information on environmental, safety and animal welfare issues. Check out AMA’s media releases to keep up to date on the latest issues and policies affecting the animal medicines industry. What’s more, AMA has commissioned a number of interesting reports on pet ownership in Australia. The most recent report is Pets in Australia: a national survey of pets and people.

pet problems solved website

6. Pet Problems Solved

Pet Problems Solved is the brainchild of animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti. It provides information about animals to assist pet owners to solve their pet behaviour problems. Based on Dr Jo’s knowledge, passion and clear-cut solutions, the website is a useful resource for pet professionals and pet owners alike. However, it’s more than just a problem-busting solution, Pet Problems Solved also features some really interesting articles on animal health, welfare and more.

7. Vet Answers

Vet Answers is more than an information resource, it’s a veterinary business directory and hub where community members connect. Without a doubt, it’s a useful source of business ideas, news, veterinary insights and resources. This is certainly a pet industry blog to bookmark. What’s more, it’s completely free to join. If you work in the pet industry, Vet Answers is a great resource.

8. Pet Industry News

Since 1991 Pet Industry News has been keeping pet professionals up to date on the latest industry happenings. It’s a fantastic source of information on educational events, animal welfare issues and general animal-related news. Get the most current news delivered direct to your inbox weekly or simply keep a close eye on the Pet Industry News website.

pet positives pet industry blog

9. Pet Positives

Advocating positive pet ownership, Pet Positives is a great source for the latest news and views on this topic. It features a dog and cat breed selector to help potential pet owners find the right canine chum or feline friend. Plus, it also provides an abundance of interesting pet health articles as well as a range of useful tools and resources. (Such as advice on how to create a petition for pet approval, a sample ‘office pet’ policy and tips on how to gain landlord approval for a pet). Indeed, all are great resource to pass onto clients.

10. Australian Dog Lover

Australian Dog Lover is a website for industry professionals and dog lovers alike. It provides the latest information on new products, industry trends, dog wellbeing and pet training. Its share-worthy content is a great conversation starter. Plus check out the seminars and workshops, which are equally suited to pet professionals as they are pet owners.

11. National Dog Trainers Federation

The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) was created in 1993 as a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry. It is now the leading representative body in Australia for